4. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The conversation we just had is “history”,
because the entire message has been erased,
due to the fact that my computer crashed. 

SANANDA: Indeed, at this time enormous centrifugal
forces are active on your level, where you are. The so called
Masters, those who display themselves as Masters, however
misuse their students and followers, fended off and at this stage
removed this message.
But this should make it clear to you, but foremost to those human
Beings, who at this time are intensively shaken up, how severe
these last attacks are. Since the principle of free will governs
on this level, certain events are tolerated by the Light worlds
of All-that-Is. We only intervene, if a permanent or long lasting
damage of the light warriors could happen. 
Therefore I summarize the message and our conversation
of this evening at 19 hours as follows:
At this time the so-called “Masters of this timeline”,
the healers on this level, are taken up on their promise.
Who is doing his work, so that he receives energy back from
the ones seeking healing, has to recognize, that something
has gone astray. 

He, who is connected with God, the primal
Source of all Life, receives all life energy whence. 

Today there are individuals, who have fantastic capabilities,
but hide, that they use these for their own benefit. Their own
well-being, as they draw much benefit from the thank-full eyes,
from the gestures of the ones seeking help, and extract energy
for their injured Ego. This is ignoble.

The noble one does not use his capabilities,
which were given to him by God and are due
to his assignments, to receive power from human
Beings, who would need it badly for their own healing.

A true Master does his work, without expecting
reward on the human level, because the reward,
which God gives, cannot be compared to any human

Individuals in the healing professions, who energetically
recharge and nurture themselves from the thankfulness
of the ones seeking help, are being confronted with this abuse.
In the future these so-called “Masters” will be instructed by the
real Masters on the higher 4D levels, so that they can get rid of
this behavior.
Great insights are necessary, so that assignments and
intentions can be brought into the plumb line of the Light.
JJK: Yes, our conversation from before also talked about,
that today many human Beings, who have already walked a
great distance along the way, face the situation, that again they
are being confronted with their shadows. Even as they believed,
that they have already released much or all. 

SANANDA: Yes, a mistake, which is now being corrected.
A true Master always has a neutral feel towards the devotion,
the thankfulness of human Beings – he remains untouched by
them. Also rejection and hate cannot do damage.
Many healers of this time wallow in the dazzle of their sham
and the power, which flows to them from their followers.
They constantly allow putting crowns of thankfulness on
their heads. The thankfulness of humans, as they receive
healing, belongs foremost to themselves, because it is the Being,
who heals himself and all Masters and Healers are the go-betweens
for the healing energy and vibration. Therefore it is prudent for each
human, who performs healings, never to go into resonance with the
understandable thankful gestures of the healed individuals.
This happens however with those, who have not attained self-worth,
with those, who need the applause from humans for their own
spiritual well being.
Only after the lowest and first stage of healing is overcome,
can other steps for enlightenment and salvation follow. 

JJK: Another thing I see is that more and more individuals
begin to “channel”, so they say, and many times very dark
forces creep in.

SANANDA: Yes, the channels of humans are indeed being opened.
It is time for it. And many individuals use these new capabilities to
balance their lack of self worth. “Look here” they say. It always
happens, that dark energies overlap or even worse, that these
individuals have been overtaken by the dark forces without noticing it,
because they are so taken in by their new capabilities. Thereby Beings
are “channeled”, which are far removed from the Light. That means:
Also humans must learn these lessons, and instead of immediately
connecting with the light Beings of All-that-Is, many humans
experiment in diverse energy fields and energy levels, so that
only damage can flow to them. Here is the formula: As you are
purified in your own energies, the dark ones cannot reach you,
because you can clearly recognize the dark. Are you still open in
your energies, which means, you carry unresolved issues in you,
then the forces of darkness come to you over the still functioning
bridge into your heart. 

Never forget: The prince of darkness knows how to flatter you,
how to woo you, how to court you, until he can use you for his
purposes. And those who reflect this behavior, are an easy target
for the dark forces. 

JJK: That means, everyone needs to check himself thoroughly.
Why one does what and what he feels doing it, what he
experiences and learns. 

SANANDA: A true Master is the one, who nourishes himself
from God, and not the one, who expects thankfulness from
the ones seeking help from him, for his own well being.

The more “personal” a human takes this thankfulness, the
more primitive is the basis of his insights. Know this: The fact,
that a human Being has great capabilities, does not mean by a
long shot, that his soul development can keep up with his greatness.
A person who is good in handling energies, but is only partially
purified within self, is like a magician, who needs the audience,
to celebrate himself by the applause and thereby stay alive.
The true Master knows his ranking, has removed his feelings of
low worth, and nurtures himself solely from the Source,
which is: GOD. 

Therefore in Jerusalem many times it was impossible for me
to constantly be in the vicinity of my disciples and other human
Beings. Over and over again I had to withdraw, in order to fuse
with my Father in Heaven, in order to cope with my assignments.
Never can and may energy flow from the disciples to the Master,
because this energy has to be used for the cycles of insights,
for the growth of the individual.

And each Master, who can only carry out his work due to
the thankfulness of his students, should give up his work.

So many times it is the unresolved issues, which cause this precarious
situation, and now all is about, that many highly talented human souls
carry out these corrections and purifications themselves. A mirror never
would have the idea, that it is the image that looks into it; and a Master
cannot have the idea, that it is himself, who his student sees. 

JJK: I can see that we can now conclude this summary. 

SANANDA: Yes, it is given. In essence one needs to understand,
no matter if the message has been written down or has been
erased, the energy still works. Everything, which we bring to form
as words, has energy even then, when the words cannot be found
The words are most important so that human Beings in
this uniquely intensive time find an orientation and also find
explanations for certain events. However it is essential to
understand beyond the above. 

I bless you, who has the courage to gain these insights,
you, who calls himself a Master and who recognizes,
that exactly these issues wait for resolution at this time within self.

In infinite Love to all human Beings,
Who I am human and God.


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