8. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
I am in a small train station and I wait for a suitcase sitting
in a wagon, which has its own platform, and seems to belong
just to me. A woman, wearing a beautiful knitted coat, brings
me the suitcase and also wants to give me her knitted coat.
But she feels my unease and leaves with fast and determined
Then I see myself together with my wife on Mount Everest.
Not at the top, but on an elevation, where no human Being
can be seen far and wide. I say to myself: “After the children
have grown up, I would like to hike on Mount Everest.”
And somebody tells me how beautiful this is and that there
are many rest stops, where you can get everything.
(End of dream) 

Beloved Ones,

Both dream visions say the following:
That the Masters of this time receive new assignments
and have accepted them (suitcase) and cannot be reached
from the lower levels and the individual energies of the new
level of Being (coat, which is not given).
The highest mountain symbolizes the 5D hologram of earth,
and the trail is easy. All this happens after the assignments
have been fulfilled (children grown up).
Whereas the woman with the suitcase in the expectation
of giving her knitted coat to somebody, symbolizes the existing
duality on the upper 4D earths; And Jahn’s desire to climb Mount
Everest together with his wife shows, that after the work is done,
the fusion with God happens. 

Enough on that. It is important to understand, that events
proceed on a different level and in a new manner;
that while many Masters of this time receive their new
assignments for and on this “Supra-Level”, events happen,
which have to happen.


With God’s blessing and all-present
among you with my love.
JJK: This means that in the future the individual fates and
karmic issues of humans will not reach us anymore. And does it
mean, that we can carry out our work with human Beings in
new easiness?

SANANDA: Yes, that is the direction.
Somebody who wants to dump his energies loses interest
at the moment when he realizes, that it has no impression
on you. Like an unconquerable fortress brings any squad,
which wants to penetrate it, into despair, it now happens to
you. Human Beings simply take their Karmic coats with them
and do not bother you anymore with it. 

JJK: Which requirements have to be
fulfilled so that this is possible? 

SANANDA: This applies initially solely to the new
“Masters of this Time”. It applies to those human Beings,
who from their light-filled 5D level teach those humans,
who on the 4D hologram are preoccupied with their ascension.
The qualification for this is, that one has healed one’s energetic
injuries and that one cannot be reached by any specific patterns
of behavior. Every Achilles heel is recognized and is equipped
with necessary protection and then it happens accordingly. 

JJK: So initially this applies to just a few human Beings? 

SANANDA: Yes, few and those, who today for the
most part are healed and have ascended. 

JJK: This is very interesting. When I observe today’s events
I see that everything gets worse. And people function like
robots and obey an invisible dictation. The Christmas madness
continues undiminished. As every year an artificial festive
mood builds, like a pregnant woman without a child,
while behind the façade one can see the hurried, dissatisfied
and stressed out human Being. Individuals, who simply do,
what is being told them, because it is necessary to satisfy
commerce and the collective expectations. As I went into a
clothing store with my beloved son NOAH and bought something,
I asked the young sales lady, if she is satisfied with the sales,
she answers: “It could be better.” In short: Everything as
before and yet everything is different? 

SANANDA: Yes, everything is different. It is as before only,
if you are again on the lower vibrating level. There are totally
different days, as you have been able to experience, when
you are in the vibration of the 5D level.
This depends on two things:
1)Your own vibration or
2)Your assignments. 

This means, that sometimes you lower your own
vibration so that you can see what occupies human
Beings on the 4D level. Other times you remain totally
in your higher vibration, so that humans can see,
what it feels like. Usually you change between these
vibration levels several times per day.
This happens automatically and depends on what has
to be affected and what has to be recognized – affected
on humans and recognized in yourself and the humans,
who you meet.

JJK: This means that my work with human Beings
on the upper 4D levels has already begun? 

SANANDA: Already for a long time, yes. Naturally it is
still to come, that this work will be less impacted by
disruptive influences, as mentioned in the beginning.
This is happening and will become obvious, when the
massive reconstruction of the upper 4D worlds is completed.
The comprehensive purification is necessary, so that great
strides in recognition may happen. 

JJK: Therefor a fluid transition? 

SANANDA: Yes, for all, who already are enriched with 5D
vibrations, no, for all, who vibrate at a lower frequency.
The last case is an example for all, who succumb to the
manipulations of Christmas.
Who hasn’t seen through this game has not seen through
many other things and still has to recognize much.
In principle it is necessary to see through the game of the elites.
Many humans are still elicited from behind the “oven”, because
“bread and games” are offered. 

JJK: Still everything side by side at the same time? 

SANANDA: Yes, with the difference, that life and the
work for you Masters become much easier all the time. 

JJK: Sometimes I realize this in certain things.
Other times it seems more difficult than before. Why? 

SANANDA: Because the great purification is still ongoing.
As soon as you step unto the new earth it will be over and
heaviness disappears.

JJK: So wait? 

SANANDA: To wait is unnecessary. Wait for what?
Your ascension? The ascension, which already happens for you?
It is much better to curiously and wakefully observe the different
events of the day and to be totally conscious how the levels change,
as you sometimes are on the 5D level and other times on the
4D level.
Sometimes easier and then harder – it is a wonderful mystical
process, which can be enjoyed to the full.
It is a unique situation for a human Being fully conscious of self. 

JJK: To experience this time as a gift? 

SANANDA: Without a question. Even when some things
appear in dark colors, the miracle is, that everything
increasingly becomes lighter. And to observe this is indeed
a great gift. Even more so to be in the middle of these events,
which means, to co-influence these situations of change is an
even greater gift, not only for human Beings but also for yourself.
It is the case to adopt the focus of joy from the all-knowing
perspective of your divine consciousness.
The heaviness is never a reason for a Master to let yourself
be thrown off from your trail to the light. 

JJK: yes, it is so. I am also preoccupied with the question
of what will be the effect on the worlds as new souls incarnate
or “old souls” of “deceased ones”, as we discussed yesterday, return. 

SANANDA: For a purified human Being this has no effect at all.
It is of no consequence. Human Beings, who still have to release
old karmic ties, will naturally be affected by these souls and will
be reminded, that there is still more to do. In the planetary
context some 4D levels will be newly populated. It will lead to
fast progress of many souls in places where incarnated great
Angels are active; in places where angels are rare, these souls
will be searched for by the emissaries of the great dark seducer,
so that they again have the choice: Light or Darkness. Decisions,
which have been postponed in many lifetimes, can be made anew.
In summary it can be said:

All human Beings, irrespective of the level,
receive new opportunities for growth.
That is the principle of Creation.
Growth, even though sometimes it
seems that regression prevails. 

JJK: Wonderful closing words. 

SANANDA: For today yes. We will continue our conversation,
because in these days there are many questions, so that one
can receive answers. Deep understanding is only possible
when all levels are included – Mind, Heart and Spirit.
Everything happens in resonance with the great creative
plan. Trust on it. Human Beings in these days arrive in
the Light - unnoticeable to those humans, who lead their
existence in other worlds.
But for all worlds it therefore has the following meaning:
That based on this an all-changing dynamic comes into
the ascension process.

The best fruits on the tree of life become visible after the
more modest fruits have been picked by humans and after
humans have been well fed and have left. He, who wants to
find good wine, has to wait until the festive party has left and
the wincer brings the best wine from his cellar for those,
who have stayed until the end.

I am it
I am Life.

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