18. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Report: Since two days ago I perceive an unbelievable 
and sometimes also unbearable density in this world. 
Sometimes I ask myself: 
On what level, in which hologram am I? 
And these levels seem to change from minute to minute.
Thereby I always remain anchored within myself, as somebody, 
who experiences himself as totally alien on a planet or who 
experiences time travel. I look into the eyes of human Beings 
and their look is grim and full of fear. (End of Report)

Dream: I see an unsympathetic subtle entity smile at me with 
a cynical smile and says: “From now on we will add an amendment 
to all your messages and there is nothing you can do to prevent it.
” Thereby I see that a postscript has been added to one of my
messages and the whole message has been distorted and taken 
to absurdum. The human Beings, I see this very clearly, thereby 
cannot anymore recognize the light that is inherent in these 
messages; and are being misled. I wake up totally clueless. 
(End of Dream)

Beloved Ones,
We are among you.

Regarding Jahn’s report I announce as follows:

Indeed the infinity of holograms is described here. 
Each world, each “mother hologram” births “sub-holograms”. 
These are manifested quasi out of themselves and all worlds 
penetrate each other. Before a world is locked and sealed 
certain conditions have to be fulfilled. One essential condition 
is the fact that human Beings or other Beings have decided to 
live there and they wish to have a very intensive experience, 
that allows for insights in a very short time, but under great pain. 
All worlds that are more permeable and that is true for most levels, 
touch each other and penetrate each other. Jahn experiences 
these scenes, which change every minute and all is visible. 
Meaning, all 4D worlds are being registered in Jahn’s perception, 
because he shall register this as the corresponding message is given.

This experience ends only until the Lichtwelt project has been totally 
shifted to 5D and has arrived there. And the indication for it 
happens in the Dream.
This indicates, that the light messages from Heaven,
which have been transmitted to Jahn over the years, 
already are being distorted on 3D and 4D levels. 
It is like with the “holy scriptures”: One can only retrieve 
the essence of God’s words to such an extent that one is 
ready for it. Therefore new words are being invented, newly
interpreted and fitted with new contents, which cannot be found 
in the original text. So it is with several scriptures, that you know, 
and has happened in the “past”. Let us travel back to the future 
and determine, that this message, which you read now, has 
already been manifested on a different level a long time ago, 
and there it is being interpreted according to the maturity level 
of society.

The addendum (“PS”) at the end of each message, 
as experienced in the dream, points to that fact.

And this dream points to another fact that the assignments 
for the Lichtweltverlag and for Jahn are coming to an end on 
the 4D levels. Tantamount to the fact, that the light readings 
starting in January 2014 will take place in the 5D vibration, 
and very soon Jahn’s work will continue solely on the 

Very soon the work will be done, because in the future, 
the light which is manifested due to the work of the Lichtwelt 
project, will only be perceived where there are open hearts
and a deep understanding of these messages is a given.

The fact, that many levels are still active, can be seen quite 
clearly, that some individuals, and there are many of them, 
deny the light content of these messages and think they meet 
darkness in these words of love.
Somebody, who can “receive” the great Masters and moreover 
nearly every Light entity known to Mankind, must be in cahoots 
with the devil, this is impossible and never existed before.

Therefore something is wrong, is there conclusion.
And somebody whose messages are unmistakable and regularly 
illuminate the mistakes on the path into the Light und this without consideration, he and it cannot be Love nor Light.
This is how those humans talk, who are in ignorance and due to the 
greatness of others are being confronted by their own insignificance. 
Yet instead of taking stock of this truth in themselves, they throw 
stones at humans; instead of confronting their own lack of 
self-confidence they do everything to rob others of their worth. 
He, who knows himself, also knows how much he can bite off 
and what has been given to him from Heaven, and knows the 
size of his shoes. And that still has only been clearly recognized 
by very few.
These inferiorities are the basis for this unworthy game. 
He who lowers others lowers himself and thereby gives 
testimony of self that is insufficient for any further insights.

In short: Very soon, this level will be overcome by the 
Lichtwelt project and by Jahn.

It is another fact that holograms continue to be created. 
Each main level, meaning each 3D or 4D hologram has 
144 sublevels and each sublevel has another 144 sublevels 
and so forth. And this goes on into infinity. This can 
overburden the human mind, but doesn’t have to, as you 
recognize, that in creation everything, absolutely everything, 
is infinite. For the technical implementation of ascension it 
has the effect, that as soon an “MPR” has been triggered on 
the “mother hologram” it continues on all sub-levels. 
The sequence of events is that initially the MPR is ignited on 
the mother hologram, then it penetrates all sub-levels, 
in order to come back to the mother hologram in full force. 
Therefore the mother hologram is more severely affected by 
the MPR than any sub-level. In practice twice:
a)  after the MPR has been ignited
b)  after the energy of the sub-holograms comes 
back to the field of origin, in order to be completely transformed.

An unbelievable spectacle. Soul parts, soul fragments, 
new souls by the billions, begin to expand on these constantly
newly created holograms. The “original planet” Gaia has freed up 
the necessary energy for the metamorphoses.

So much about it, and for the better understanding, 
why some things must stretch into length.
Because truly: The future ascended Masters have 
focused and oriented their consciousness solely 
onto the mother holograms.
Everything that has been announced to you by this 
and other sources of Light, cleaves a way to you.

Light and noble, divinely and sacred, such the last 
steps are formed, until you totally arrive in the world, 
which has been promised to you.

In conclusion please be conscious of the following:

That those light warriors, who truly are ready to 
ascend into the light, are already interlocked with 
the 5D vibration.
This explains also the alienation that these individuals 
experience, as they bump into insufficiently sealed 4D 
levels due to the permeability of the worlds.


How much you are honored.
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