6. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Björn Kurt

O Lord, make me an instrument of my
divine mission, so that I may fulfill what I came for. 

O Lord, let me see what IS so I may recognize
the light within me and also the darkness. 

O Lord, mold me so I may become a brave and
intrepid light warrior bringing the light to all people
and never receding from the dark. 

O Lord, let me share in your divine grace which
enables All and therefore everything becomes possible. 

O Lord, please stand by me,
even when I least suspect your presence. 

O Lord, let me make decisions that are worthy
of mine, so I may - far from self-pity - inherit
the kingdom of heaven. 

O Lord, mold me to become a consummate
servant to humanity who is willing to give everything,
even if storms are rising and winds are turning. 

O Lord, let me rest at the hem of your garment
to regain strength and to find peace, for it is only
through you I can be. 

O Lord, let me see heaven and let only heavenly
sounds reach my ears so I may declare heaven
on earth in word and deed. 

O Lord, bless me with eternal life, for only
thus I may find fulfillment and happiness. 

O Lord, bless me with your divine light so that
I may shine for those who are able to see. 

O Lord, be my constant companion until my
Self has become One with You.  

O Lord, be the ONE deciding about my life for
I know it will be in the best hands. 

O Lord, I am all Yours - forever.