7. Januar 2014


written by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
“Strike in Portugal:
People are leaving their garbage outside the banks! 

In Lisbon people have gone over to leave their garbage in
front of bank branch offices. The reason for the strike is that the
refuse collectors fight against the privatization of essential public
services. Activists in other countries find the action exemplary.
In Lisbon the refuse collectors are on strike since December 26th.
This has led to catastrophic conditions in the streets. The strike is
directed against the privatization of essential public services.
It should end January 5. Mayor Antonio Costa said the situation
should be back to normal within the first 10 days of the New Year.
The uncollected trash so far is no threat to public health,
authorities said. Authorities called on citizens in the Portuguese c
apital to minimize their trash output and not to leave it outdoors.

But some Portuguese turned the emergency into a protest action.
They have gone over to leave their garbage in front of bank
branch offices. Huge piles of garbage collect in front of several
banks that the refuse collectors could not remove.

In many European Countries this action was commented as
exemplary. The Greek website blog Attika Nea writes:
“Good idea, we could learn something from the Portuguese!”
(Source: Deutsche Wirtschaftsnachrichten, 1/2/2013) 

Clearly stated: We have reached the timeline when people
do not let themselves be sold out as stupid. People know
exactly who is responsible for their poverty and their
undignified life and they are no longer willing to accept this.
While the Neo-Con globalization economists tell us that the
welfare of our society is in the privatization of corporations
serving the public, the society drifts apart exactly where this
is the case. One can clearly see this in the case of water what
less public and more private really means.

In countries like in South and Latin America, the EU,
USA, Mexico and China experiences with privatization due
to the release of “Human right Water” shows:
Price increases up to 400% and poor water quality. 

And people fend off!

Paris, that had private water suppliers for two decades and
saw a price increase of 260%, has freed itself from that.
For 25 years the water for our citizens was in private hands.
On the right side of the river Seine the Veolia company had
the business and on the life side the Suez company. Many
things went wrong. Now we have the precious liquid again
in our public service. And Parisians say “merci””, says
Anne Le Strat, environmental council of the French
Capital during a recent visit to Vienna.
(Source: Kronen Zeitung, 3/6/2013) 

Also in Bolivia it was “water march” and the US Multinational
Corporation Bechtel was swept out of the country.
The South American landlocked country got rid of the
private water supplier after all pain thresholds had been
reached. The treaties, which were signed and negotiated
behind closed doors (1999), provided for the dispossession
of publicly used wells for the duration of 40 years.
The citizens spent one quarter of their income for water.
The contract also forbade the use of other sources of water
including rainwater! The government used police force in
order to enforce the treaty against the protests in the
country – many people were thereby injured and a few
even died. But the people fought back until the police
and the military were driven out and until the US
company left the country.

A great victory for the people; and Oscar Olivera of
the “Coalition for the defense of water rights” in Bolivia said:
In the battle for our water rights people have demonstrated
that it is possible to fight against the privatization strategies
of the World Bank and the Corporations.  They have shown
that it is possible to organize, to join, to overcome fears
– and win! 

That is exactly what is needed now!
Overcome fears, rise up and win. 

The protests in Lisbon show, how far the anger
of citizens against the government politicians and
heads of corporations has progressed and this rarely
forebodes good things. What can be expected is obvious:
The spiral of impositions as well as the incapacitation of
citizens is eagerly turned due to additional measures like
the privatization of seeds, of water and the private transportation
sector and the increasing socialization of the Banks (ESM),
until everything is out of control. 

This mechanism is almost impossible to be stopped,
unless politicians immediately go back to their actual tasks
in the service of human Beings, who voted for them.
And that by strictly refusing the corporate dictatorship
and the bank bandits; what realistically speaking can
be ruled out! 

Therefore my conclusion: Things take their disastrous
course and thereby: today it is easy to be a prophet.
Because everything happens what one is afraid of…” 
Comedian Dieter Hildebrandt (1927-2013). 

And otherwise I demand as a birthright the
basic income for people aged 0-99. 

Jahn J Kassl

(This “essay” was sent out as a “letter to the editor”
to all editorial staffs and publishers of daily newspapers and
weekly magazines in Austria, Germany and Switzerland.)
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