23. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Nothing remains as it has been.
And what hasn’t come forth in the year 2013 on 
this time and space line, will build that much more 
in the year 2014 and will unfold.

Nothing of what you have been told,
of what has been heralded and announced,
has been taken back. Nothing.
All will be given to you, now, that the time 
of great manifestations is actualized.

The prophets return from their long and arduous ascent 
of the mountain and they will offer their gifts, which 
they have received on the summit. Trust, and count on it:

What until today has not happened, because it has not 
arrived on your time and space line, tomorrow will be 
real and will come true.

Wait, not any longer.
Hope, for what?
Suffering, gone!

Light and Love reach your reality.

This world goes under and you ascend into Heaven.
This time fades away and the space volatizes.
This life will fill you, beyond all measures, because truly: 

You will never thirst anymore, and you will never 
suffer from hunger anymore.

I am that I am,
I am the Love

Amongst you

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