2. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,

Surrender all worries to God.
Deliver to the Lord all that, inside of you, creates restlessness,
unrest and confusion. Surrender totally to God and you will be
free of all sorrow; and clouds, which cover up the sky,
do not reach you. 

You are too far away from the wellspring of All-that-Is,
you live your days too far removed from the union with
God and you walk great distances, whereas God already
expects you at the next fork in the road.
If your heart is filled with trust in God and the vicinity to God,
you posses everything – otherwise you are a beggar, who needs
to stoop down for every modest gift, which life has to offer.

That is what counts, always has been – because the enlightened
one has only one wish – to be in union with God. 

Each encounter in this world has only one reason,
to remind yourself of the encounter with God,
because everywhere you encounter HIM.
Dive into this reality, dive into this ocean of love and
leave everything else to your Creator.
Surrender to the waves, entrust yourself to the fire,
give the wind the freedom, to carry you to where you are expected. 

Mother Earth knows about the state of each
human life and Mother Earth only knows the union with God.
Do likewise and expect the unexpected, because every prevision
becomes ineffective when a human Being totally surrenders to
Only freed human Beings understand the kind of freedom,
which is described here, because the ones, who are not free,
do not recognize, that the greatest luck is hidden in the
acceptance of God and the surrender of all earthly goods. 

The non-liberated ones, who experience themselves as free,
because they take the freedom to act out their pressures,
hardly see through this; Because truly free is the one, who
unconditionally recognizes God and totally surrenders to the

Today God is reborn in a willing heart, today the Creator
awakens those, who long for it, today there will be light
where there has been darkness and today many of God’s
children will be returned to the Source. 

All is in God and you are all in God.
The process of ascension is a spiritual procedure
– a divine and from God directed procedure.
Let God come into your heart, let God act through your
heart, allow, that the Creator removes everything that is
heavy in your Being.

To take on self-responsibility means:
to make the conscious decision, based
on a deep longing for God, to surrender all to HIM.

So go forward and do not worry anymore:
Your only worry should be the attainment of God’s
Kingdom and the union with HIM. 

Everything else will be given to you – additionally given!
Realize and internalize this truth and happiness stays with you
– until the end of all times and into eternity.


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