16. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Beloved Gods of this Creation! 


I say to you: Be thankful for each day that is still given
to you until the great discharges on the surface of the earth.
Thankful. Thankful for finding the necessary time for your
attainment, still before you will be realized by God. 

Like a farmer who goes to his field every day,
like a vintner who always keeps an eye on his grapevines
and knows each grapevine, and like a gardener who, even
before his neighbor, has scouted out the sweetest fruits of his
trees; that is how you should act within yourself until all has
been completed. 

The high light vibration that floods this planet in the end phase
of enlightenment brings many light warriors to the limit of
possibilities and to the limit of despair. 

What hasn’t shown up until today appears now,
just like out of nothing and thereby many human Beings
stand in front of the ruins of their life – because all illusions
have been destroyed and the correct and truthful assessment
of your life takes place.

Hitherto you were afraid and you avoided the truth by all means.
You looked away from where you should have looked, whereby
you slipped away from your own mirror image before it had a
chance to firm up inside of you. 

Who knows his own mirror image? Who can claim this about himself?
There are only a few and it is the ones who have acquired their own
reality and have recognized it. It is those who years and months ago,
when all of you were urged to look at it, with great determination
went to work, and didn’t get lost in the Esoteric-Feel-Good-Cloud.
Today those are already elevated beyond that time and the
peculiarities, which that time holds, and are elevated above all
snares and obstacles, because they recognize them, spot them
and with superior ease can behave accordingly. 

Your requests for the complete transformation have arrived at us.
You wish to be the Masters, who you are from the beginning, you
wish to become, what you always already have been. These requests
have reached us, since you were informed about this possibility
by SANANDA (message: birth of new worlds, remark, JJK),
thereby it is said: You are the ones who can now achieve completion
as ascended Masters or at least can function as Master on a specific
level of your All-that-Is, by being ready to look at your fears.

This readiness of yours has been brought to us and so it happens
that in many of you the open hearts dip into the sweet pain of
Yet this sweetness is still foreign to you and you wonder
what it is that suddenly feels so different in your life and
expresses itself.

Pains, which come from a genuine recognition,
are different from the pains, which come from
human mistakes.
I say to you now: Love this pain, because it is sacred, because:
It is sacred to recognize the New, while you are ready to
unconditionally let go of the Old. 

In these days another confidant appears to humans,
the “sweet pain of recognition”; before this one also dissolves,
as the hardest nutshell dissolves, after it has been cracked.
And in these days many “hard nuts” have to be cracked.
It is the spiritual injuries from many existences, which silently
and down deep were alive in you and did not let you live.
Also angel wings could not be fitted on you, because fear
overcame you when you thought about the flight into freedom
and you froze into a rock. You did not want and could not look
at your fears, because your energy field has been penetrated
by collective fears and your own unresolved anxieties.

Furthermore your Being was overlaid by devastations which
the Esoteric Movement left behind. Healings, that had no
permanence, Gurus who, even though it seemed, were rarely
full of light, and advisers who tempted you onto the wrong path,
because they promised you the blue of the sky without effectively
pointing out the dark spots in your hearts. 

The work in transformation, that has been postponed
until today, can now be quickly done and in a very short time.
And it is done for those, who give themselves to God’s grace
and entrust themselves unconditionally to the Creator.
Therefore be thankful for each day, which is still given to you,
so that you may find self, before you are found; so that you do
not lose your orientation during the transformation of the world
– and of self.

Impatience is not appropriate,
because everything is being fulfilled. 

And waiting for your ascension is a senseless task,
because you either already are ascended or you are in
your last preparations for it, which requires everything from you.
The great truth of this time now uncoils from the visible reel of all life.
Humans stand in awe in front of their own truth and they begin to
understand their whole beauty. Like a child, who in awe tries to
understand the world, so now it is you, who like a child, i
n awe recognize your own cosmic truth.

Stars in the sky exchange places, because you mandated it,
worlds are being displaced, because you made it possible,
and you yourselves are being reborn, because you
subordinated everything for your birth. 

Also in these last days of this time it is understood what
has been true from the beginning and still counts:
The conscious perception of all life and the conscious
recognition of all forms of expression, so that without a
doubt you can discern the Light from darkness.

Not what you do today is of essence, but who you are.
 And to realize this is the last task before it is also true for you: 


The transformations of the world continue undiminished.
The present calm, because all preparations have been finished,
will suddenly end.
Those who are ready will have nothing to fear,
those who step into this epoch unprepared, will meet his anxieties,
like a freshly caught thief with all of his bounty meets his victim.
Then the house of cards collapses and all illusions disappear.
In these days great changes happen mostly in individual human
hearts. It is the last act in a great play, when for the last time the
worlds meet themselves in their whole power of creation in order
to fuse or with full force repel from each other.

A new universe is created, ever since it is
assured that this ascension succeeds.

Each moment in time and every event far from it
are subject to this creative act.
We are well prepared and we have come to earth
with divine assignments.
We are the ascended and never descended
Masters of Heaven.

Do it likewise and accept your divine assignments,
by carrying out the ultimate coup for your enslaved heart,
which until now has been in pain and in fear.
Until now you were not ready for it.

Compromises did not let you live.
Today you are ready – yes, you, who are being
addressed directly by this message in Light. 

As long as you are unconscious, as long as you are
foreign to yourself, nothing of what you do has any value.

Become yourself in order to be.

I bless you who follows these words and who allows the
flow of Light of this manifestation into your heart. It will
transform you as you whish it, it will shake you as you allow it,
it will carry you into heaven as you become light as a feather,
which has freed itself from the dense feathering of a peacock.
Then wings will be fitted on you and the day of ascension,
that you have chosen, will arrive.
Many know it, but many more do not know it:

The ascension is unsurpassed in diversity and dynamic.
Forget all concepts and go into your own reality.

The ascension happens, because it has to happen – because
everything has been done, every condition is fulfilled and each
preparation for it is finished. 


I am

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