9. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Beloved Ones,
Remain anchored to this earth. Stand firm in your assignments.
Go out daily into the field and pull the weeds. Be careful workers in
God’s garden. Rejoice in this harvest and be certain, that this time
will also end for you.
Because each one of you, who leaves a fertile soil on earth,
leaves behind gifts for those, who continue to till the soil of
the Lord in this world, gifts, which will bring new harvests,
as the season will come. 


Transparent veils, barely visible as such, separate the worlds now,
the transitions from one to the other world become more fluid;
and the “Great Day” approaches more and more for more and
more human Beings.
Look, what Heaven has to offer and look, what great gift you
may receive now. The doors into the light open in front of your eyes. 

Walk through the door without fear and with
determination, because you are expected and as soon as you are
in the light corridor, there is no turning back and you have arrived. 

Trust the event, which occurs in front of you, because
the stories about ascension are true and become true
for more and more human Beings.

Uplift yourself at first, out of your self.
Live, be and act such, as you have already ascended.
The energy of the fifth dimension surrounds you now and keeps
you in the cosmic vibration of Love, even then, when you still
live on the 4D-earth.

Each beginning is within you. The new levels of Being are
created out of yourself and they open up to you out of your self. 

Everything is connected with you and everything is interlaced by you.
Worlds and adjacent worlds create the matrix wherein you simultaneously
live due to your multidimensionality; and you are in the process of
directing your comprehensive divine consciousness toward the
enlightened and ascended matrix of 5D.

Trust yourself and your journey
- and at the moment when you perceive God’s Light,
courageously walk to the end of the tunnel, because
is there where you are expected by us. 

I am


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