5. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Beloved Ones, 

In these days “deceased human Beings” again inhabit all levels
of Creation. This means, humans, who until today had to wait for
another incarnation on their specific level, are taken to a world,
which is necessary for their development. In these days billions
of souls, soul portions and soul fragments, have received permission
to incarnate again. This brings a new dynamic into the time- and
space-continuum, because all levels, which mean, all 3D and all
4D levels, are affected by it. The dark forces attack these unresolved

What is relatively unimportant for the 3D level,
because there the darkness has such a measure,
that requires no more activities of the dark ones,
is important for the upper 4D levels. Because here there
are new appearance and attack areas for the dark ones,
as they meet the souls, which have failed on their path into
the light during their last incarnation, with dubious advice,
in order to let them fail again.  

This is a great test and challenge for these souls,
and it is exactly why they were released into these worlds.
It is: To stay away from the darkness and to choose the light. 

This knowledge is insofar important for the ascending Ones,
because your work as Ascended Masters on the upper 4D
holograms has expanded. It is necessary to show the way to
a multitude of souls. This also means that many ascended
Masters will come down to these earths. Some for a short
period, others for a long time. The task is to hold the energy
until humans are capable themselves to do so. This means
also that an almost infinite number of 3D and 4D holograms exist. 

These facts have no effect regarding your ascension,
because these events cannot reach the ones who are
in the ascension corridor.
It is now important for those human Beings, who still remain
on the upper 4D levels, to know, that many souls may “contact” you. 

Long forgotten deceased ones or still mourned ones may try to
establish contact with you. Several requests for help may now
be asked, and it is mandatory to refuse these. It is the aim of
these unreleased souls, which contact you, to pull you down to
their level. Souls, which contact you, in order to grow in their
development, are very few indeed, because if a human Being
is ready to walk the path into the light, they will shy away from
any relationship, which reminds them of past times. It is the
first deed of such an awakened consciousness, not to be a
burden to any human Being and walk toward God using
one’s own and unique powers. 

All souls, which contact you, are to be looked at with
great suspicion and to be released. If you thereby encounter
your own unresolved pains in your soul, heal these pains,
recognize what is and cut all ties.
If you encounter the Light, the Love, in whatever manner,
remain there and let yourself into God.

Related to this message is also the fact,
which has already been said in a previous message
(Reward for the Masters), that human Beings on the
upper 4D level start to receive/channel messages.
More and more deceased and reincarnated souls,
which are still not purified, will sneak in utilizing
these channels. This attempt can only be prevented,
if you clearly recognize what is and free yourself from
these intensions. Call on me or ARCHANGEL MICHAEL
and we will cut all bridges into your heart. 

These Beings demand from you compassion and help,
and if you thereby react, you will be pulled into the
suction of compassion, quite often, without you noticing it.

Therefore: It is good if you have done your homework,
have purified your soul and have polished your heart.
One of the characteristics of these souls is that they know you.

In most cases, they were previous relatives, life partners,
children, close friends or more like them.
They pretend to know you quite well and you marvel
about their knowledge. This creates the necessary trust,
so that you open your heart and your soul.
It is the aim of these souls, either incarnated as a human
Being or channeled as energy, to weaken you and pull you
into old issues. It is like a class meeting, when you rekindle
old times, as if the years have never passed. 

Which means, if you are open, it will succeed,
if you are healed and purified, this will fail at the
first moment – and a “class meeting” triggers in
you great dismay and rejection. 

Many levels of Being receive new structures and
are equipped with new energetic qualities.
The great cosmic game continues and I repeat:
For those, who ascend, this has relevance,
if they return to these worlds as Ascended Masters.
With this message, which should keep you vigilant,
now, that your lives come to an end, I mandate as follows: 


In infinite Love to all human Beings,
In God’s Light, which is, in all Life.

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