10. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz


Dream: In the first scene I stand below a ski jump and at close
hand observe the athletes while jumping and admire their daring.
Suddenly I see a jumper, who, as it seems, can neither stay in the
track nor does he know how to ski, as he boldly falls in the
abyss – he smashes into the ground in a gruesome manner.
Shortly after I see a motorcycle driver racing at high speed
from the target area to the ski jump. Without braking he
crashes into the ski jump, whereupon his body parts get thrown
into all directions. Both are a terrible sight, the viewers and
myself holding our breaths, as the jumping continues like
nothing has happened.

In the second scene I see myself being attuned to my ascension.
Yet it appears to me as non-serious and fake – so as something
is wrong. (End of dream) 

I am among you.
These dreams are of great importance for this time. 

The ski jump symbolizes the ascension.
Only well-trained individuals can jump into the abyss.
Nobody, whose individual vibration deviates from the
vibration of ascension, can go across and land safely.
The pictures of the crashing ski jumper and the overconfident
motorcycle driver show this. The “unnatural” ascension attunement,
which Jahn experienced in his dream, confirms these processes.
What is at issue in these days and about what urgency
do I speak to you?

1) Individual ascensions continue.
And in the suction of this fact several human Beings begin
wanting to force the ascension for themselves. Which means,
they try to arrive in the other world through meditation or other
magic means. Human Beings, their energy field unprepared for
the ascension. In the last days of this time, the wish for
ascension erupts in many human Beings, as they become
conscious of their awkward situation, that they do not fulfill
the criteria for ascension. They jump into the abyss totally
unprepared, which means to fall into the abyss without deep
God realization.

This wish comes from the level of wanting and not from
the level of Being. Such individuals, who have nothing to
lose, embark on a very dangerous path out of their ego
consciousness and enriched with curiosity and fear.
Why is it dangerous?
Because with human Beings, who are not purified and their
intentions are unclear, dubious forces always become active
and appear as helpers for the ascension. The veil between the
worlds becomes more and more transparent. An unprotected Being,
to whom the ascension code has not been transmitted, when he
nonetheless attempts to ascend, can be torn into pieces or can
be burnt.

Human Beings, who wish to set off their ascension by all
possible and impossible means, but are in principle not
prepared for it, receive dubious help from lower vibrating
levels and many dark forces mingle in the events. Thereby
much drama is preprogrammed. 

2) Humans appear reporting their ascension.
Much is true, much is false. Reports about already ascended
Ones are being published, and here again, much is true, much
is false. This point means for each one of you, to go again into
the power of discernment and to see what really is. Ascension is
not equal to ascension, as Jahn’s dream verifies, wherein he was
supposed to be attuned for ascension using unnatural means. 

What is at issue here?
To apply your power of discernment in masterly perfection! 

Recognize the truth and recognize the falsehood.

a) The ascension happens by itself!
The preparations for it have been completed.
The ascension comes to each human Being, who is
ready for it, even though it took a long time for it to build,
suddenly and totally by surprise.

b) Decisions have been made. Nobody can force the ascension
or willingly cause it. That is impossible. All will be given to those,
who wait patiently and are ready within self. Entry will be denied
to those, who using experiments, magic rituals, guided meditations,
want to cross over to the other world.

c) Nobody will attend the lowering of the 5D hologram,
who, on his soul level, is unprepared for the ascension,
because he needs to stay on the level adapted to his vibration,
in order to reach the light step by step. 

Very few can sustain God’s Light and God’s sight.
Who nonetheless forces a meeting with his Creator by pretending
false facts, because he is not willing to accept his self-chosen fate,
will have to recognize God’s wisdom, that he can never stand up to
the requirements of a Master.

In summary:
Decisions have been made, and the ascension happens right now,
whereby you look forward to your transfiguration and expect it with joy.
The ascension can never happen, if you try to arrive in the light by all
means. This greed for ascension has a fatal effect. Whereas the pure
longing for ascension, is the energy and the driving force, the fuel,
which creates the final suction and whereby you finally reach the Light. 

Greed and yearning may appear likewise to the untrained
observer, for every knowledgeable individual they are like t
wo different siblings. 

The confusion has been great before ascension,
now it is even greater, as ascension has begun. 

Only there, where the lack of knowledge has been dominant.
He, who until now lacked the power of discernment, today has
absolutely no possibility to distinguish the factual and the truth f
rom illusion and falsehood. 

The preparations for ascension have been completed.
He, who dares to jump and is ready for it, knows, that he is
carried by the wind. He, who blindly and high-handedly elbows
himself into this ascension scenario, meets himself, his actual
status, the true maturity of his soul, the reality, which is and
not what he believes he has realized. 

Know foremost the following:
1) Now it is given to you.
2) Keep your vibration pure.
3) Be attentive witnesses and actors of this time.
4) Force nothing, imagine nothing, yearn for nothing. 

The reality of ascension happens on the day,
which you do not know. In an act of Love you
reach the world of your longing and God.

The ascension jump is imminent,
for those, who are prepared.

But you, who are preoccupied to dare this jump based
on insufficient knowledge, stay away from it, because verily:
Your time comes at a new divine hour and in a new divine
field of light and love.

I am
I am among you

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