14. Januar 2014


Beloved Ones,

Regarding the light readings starting with
January 2014, the following announcement is made:
1.) All light readings from 2014 and on will be in the vibration
of the 5th dimension or beyond. What was done on a few
occasions will become the norm.

2.) The rooms, where the light readings are being held,
will be, after Jahn has done his work, energetically sealed.
Which means, a “transformation turbo” will be ignited in these
sacred rooms, thereby enabling transformations and healings
of an absolutely new extent.

3.) In place of the healing prayer or the anchoring there will
be healings, especially regarding the still deep-seated fears of
the human souls. The time which is provided for this, will be
after the message has been delivered, just as before.

4.) For all human Beings, who during the light reading either
do not want or are unable to open themselves, this new energy
will be unbearable und they will very quickly leave. All those,
who nonetheless believe that they must be present, because
they like to observe or follow other assignments, will experience
obstacles in daily life, which will thwart their visit.

5.)The coming light readings take on a new reality.
Transformations and healings will be possible at incredibly
high speeds, for all, who are ready to vibrate in unison and
are ready to go along. It fulfills itself in the number of 5 – the
freedom of the human Being is of highest priority, so that humans
come to the quintessence of Self in God, as a Being freed from
all fears.

The redefinition of the light readings mean the redefinition
of all human Beings, who have done their home work and have,
to the last, remained on the level of the upper 4D level of the
hologram. And let it be known: New holograms of the highest
4D levels are continuously created, so that mankind may be
distributed according to their choice and each human Being
will find himself, where he has decided to be.

There is still much to do, but we made considerable headway,
and even more, we made significant headway.

The magnetic alterations of the worlds started in full,
and some human Beings are being affected by these cycles
and they will bear the brunt. The ultimately ascending human
Beings are excluded from the effects of the magnetic alterations,
but it is necessary, that you have an exact picture of what happens
in your immediate vicinity, so that you can stay centered, be full of
patience and be able to look forward to your ascension. 

Everything changes – hourly.

In 2014 all human Beings, who have chosen this,
have access to the level of the 5th dimension of Being.
Trust and live, go on and look up to the sky, everything
changes with you, because you are the change.
No rock remains on top of another, the ascension progresses,
and moves undiminished to new heights, until all is fulfilled
for you.

I am with you
As a human Being among humans


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