20. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

With God’s Love and the strength from Heaven, 
we enter the last phase of our journey into the Light
– finally and completely.


What is the value of a life, that today gets lost in 
the dust of the old time? Plenty, if it thereby achieves 
knowledge, little, if it remains unconscious.

Yes, and indeed many beings on the different 4D 
levels manage their lifetimes like an unconscious sluggish mass.
All pushes toward dying, towards death.
Life is absent, as knowledge is absent, because a knowledgeable 
human Being is alive and a conscious human Being is
awake and Light.

There is no trace of all of the above on the levels that 
we already have passed.
You will only be preoccupied with these matters as long 
as the transformation beam needs time in order to finish
its work on all time- and space-levels.

This is happening now, it has already been announced, 
that this arrives on your earth surface, and you know this. 
The light warriors of the first and last hours, who arrive in 
God’s realms and in Heaven on Earth, expect new and 
expanded assignments. You have arrived in the Light, 
because you have established within yourself the 5D 
vibration. Because: If heaven isn’t within you, then it 
is nowhere.
Meaning, you gods in human form:

Before you enter into God, you need to 
enter into your own divinity.

And you have already attained this. I speak of you, 
who has mostly freed himself from the vagaries of this time, 
of you, who lives in this world but isn’t of this world. 
You recognize yourself in these words, it is unnecessary 
to say more. You know it.
Beloved Brothers, beloved Sisters!

We have come to the most beautiful section on 
the path to ascension and we take our first and
certain steps in these days on this path toward the Light.

Each step distances us further from the old world, 
from old toilsome and often impassable time sections 
of history due to darkness.

We stepped out from the tar pit of mankind and we 
now reach the elevation where God’s angels have lowered 
the staircases into Heaven for us; and all we have to do 
is step on them – in order to be lifted and to be carried away.

Only a few more steps and we have arrived, only a few 
more steps and we find ourselves there, to where the 
invisible power of our longing in thousands of years 
and in hundreds of incarnations has directed us.

The arrival of a human Being in Heaven, 
after this nearly eternal time of hardships, 
is an indescribable moment for all realms of light of All-that-Is.

All light levels are preoccupied with your ascension, 
even though it is mostly an affair between you and God, 
and remains an affair between your and the cosmic prime 
soul of All-that-Is.

The sacred instant, to see, what has been denied 
for so long, is now in front of you and brings you blessings.

I am with you.
I am amongst you.
I am human and God.
I am you.


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