12. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz
Report: I wake up from a dream about a multi-headed Hydra.
A snake-like body has multiple heads, and I cut off the heads,
but they immediately grow back out of nothing.
(End of report) 

Beloved Ones, 

The great moment, when all of Mankind ascends into the
Light comes closer and closer. You are challenged.
All levels are driven to the limits of their ability to cope
and you are once again purified to your actual level of
maturity, because a true light warrior remains firm, even
when he has long ago been abandoned by many of his
fellow travelers and other light warriors. 

What is the significance of the dream? 

Given the fact that this end time demands a lot from
each individual human Being, many humans give up
and capitulate, because of the “multi-headed Hydra”.
It seems, that whatever one does, no matter how many
heads you cut off, that they immediately grow back and the
whole body does not lose any strength. This illusion demoralizes
many light warriors and thereby they throw down their sword
into the field. 
Shortly before the separation of the worlds, many battles have
been fought for nothing, many pains have been suffered for
nothing and the whole effort has barely been worth talking about.
This illusion has already been pointed out to you, but yet new
insights are being added.
Namely: Many light warriors of the first and last hours,
who anxiously wait in the light corridor for their ascension,
are being visited by long-forgotten guests. It is the doubt and
the compassion. Doubts, if everything does indeed happen and
doesn’t belong to the realms of imagination, and compassion
with those humans, who continue to wander in darkness and
are being corrupted by the dark forces.

This destructive mixture of unreleased emotions,
non-reflected mental considerations and lacking,
because confused, spiritual orientation, can bring
down almost any light warrior.
When one experiences again and again, how the darkness,
even though defeated a long time ago, rises again and is filled
with new life, whereby it is elevated to new viciousness, it is more
than understandable, that the conditions of doubt and desperation
sneak into the human heart. When one experiences again and again
how fellow humans squirm in pain, because they gain nothing
from life except the misconception of transiency, one fully
understands, that one slides into compassion for these Beings.
It is more than understandable, but of no use for the ascension! 

The regrowth of the heads signifies, that you cannot encounter
this monstrosity by conventional means. A light sword by itself
is not enough. This points to the fact that this situation requires
another approach. 

And I can tell you, that it is being confronted by different
means and is not just the affair of a single light warrior.
And that is what the dream points to, which means:
This monstrosity needs to be destroyed in totality, as a whole.
Transferred to today and the current human society: Any
slavery of humans will be destroyed, as well as everything
that is harmful to Mother Earth will also be destroyed.
A new beginning is only possible, if this “old creature”,
it is the “New World Order”, is pulled from the ground up
with all its roots and is destroyed. A change within the old
system is impossible and so it happens now.

To all who assume that this timeline offers change without
drama it is said: Yes, without drama, if you belong to those,
who appear as future ascended Masters, no, if you belong to
those, who have decided to witness this spectacle as a human
Being, because only then will you be capable to take the last
transformation steps. 

This World is torn down and built anew.
The New Jerusalem rises and does not rise
upon old walls.

Today it is important to know, that you
1) need to totally separate yourself from evil,
without compassion, without looking around, and that you
2)need to totally step out from doubt into certitude,
which will succeed, if you maintain a high vibration for ascension. 

How? By freeing yourself immediately from every low vibration
and from foreign energies that can reach you during the day.
The means for that are well known.

The Jesus, who taught in the temple and was sought by
his mother, did not recognize his mother, because who is my
mother, who is my father? Is it the one, who calls for me or is
it the one, who knows the Father in Heaven?
Worry is the servant of doubt and doubt is the door to standstill,
to lethargy, to incertitude, which can have fatal effects at this time. 

Fatal, as the conditions remain unrecognized and settle within you.
Therefore: Remove them immediately. 

One can overcome the multi-headed Hydra only by
destroying it and that happens now on all upper levels
of the 4D worlds, there, where the dark forces and the evil,
is still expressing itself in multiple forms. In summary:
This “Gestalt” will not have any ground for existence on all
levels of the “Supra Planet”! Thereby all levels, that are affected
by it, are now being freed from this curse in a sacred creative act.
This means the total implosion of all systems of society on these
levels, because the 5D world does not tolerate these conditions
in its vicinity.

Remain steadfast within self, and not let yourself be
discouraged by this creature, which means, these conditions,
which you still recognize. Be careful and know, the heads only
grow back if they receive nourishment from the whole body.
And it receives nourishment solely from the fears of human
These fears have been extinguished on the upper
4D and the lower 5D levels of the “Supra Planet”. 

This signifies, that this plague disappears, it is taken away from you,
and soon it will only be a memory of a time long ago. And so it
happens, what has to happen, because God’s providence in
accordance with the freewill of human Beings has mandated it.
Remain alert, direct your whole attention to the inner,
and examine yourself again, where and why you stagger,
where and why you are still doubtful and why you are plagued
by compassion. Solve this, and everything else will be taken
care of. 

From us, who are the custodians of this world,
From us, who are united under the banner of the
Universal Federation of Light,
From us, who are the carriers of the plan
for creation for this World.

Out of this union I speak to you,
and out of this union you return with us now. 

God expects you, and us,
All the time acting on your side.
I am
All-present in all Worlds

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