28. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

Worlds separate and worlds are joined together
 – the expansion of Creation continues.

We represent the COUNCIL OF 72
And we are dealing with all affairs and we are
responsible for all that is – on all levels of Creation, 
in space and time and beyond that.

All the time everything is subjected to changes and 
That is what is now happening on your Mother Planet

Nothing of what until now has been fixed in your perception 
of your world and your life on earth and as a human Being 
remains: NOTHING.

The changes that are happening now are so 
unimaginable for a human mind, so inconceivable, 
so that they can only be visualized through direct 
experience, through immediate living to see.
And step by step that is on its way and is already happening. 

1.) The Planet changes – totally.
2.) The structures of human society change – totally.
3.) The living together on earth of human Beings and animals, 
between all forms of life change – totally.
4.) The consciousness of human Beings and of the planet 
change – totally.
5.) The binding to God remains constant and in the 
foreseeable future will be part of every life that affects 
and acts on earth. 

In short: Everything changes – much overnight, much step by step.

Therefore it is important to be free of fear.
Therefore we ask you to dissolve your inner fears, 
no matter of what nature they are, because who gives
fear a home in Self, will not be able to see his divine 
home in Heaven: because he cannot recognize it
– then when the day, the youngest day, takes 
form on all levels.

The key in order to be able to see God is hidden 
in a heart liberated from fear!

And fear in an ego-dominated heart is widely available, 
yet not until a Being is liberated from egotism can it 
attain the view over the horizon.

Whoever wants to save his life, will lose it, 
and whoever puts his life unconditionally into 
the Light – give it away – will keep it and will
inherit a new eternal life.

The upcoming events are described by light levels 
from All-that-Is, outlined and you find many indications 
for them.
The exact determination of these transformations is 
nonetheless excluded, because also what a human 
mind cannot grasp will not understand that either when 
he reads about it, hears about it or directly gets it 
transmitted from Heaven.

The experience and the direct living through
it – live – opens the consciousness of a human Being 
and expands it – because the inconceivable remains 
alien until friendship is struck through the experience.

Just imagine a sorcerer, a magician, who tells you the 
most incredible things and conjures them up.
Despite the fascination, which emanates from this 
spectacle – do you believe him?

The human mind behaves in such a way!
At the moment, when you see and recognize, 
it will know, before that much is inconceivable, 
unthinkable and impossible. Yet the magic of the 
new time will remain and will not evaporate, as 
described above with the magicians after you 
leave their performance.

The upcoming events change everything over night 
and during the day and you will rarely have the opportunity 
to think about it. The thinking will not have an opportunity, 
because your heart, your consciousness of a Being liberated 
from your ego will and shall understand.

Therefore it is important that you are liberated from 
fear in your Being, so that you may perceive and see, 
experience and receive.
To be prepared means to meet each novelty 
that comes into your life with the innocence of a child.

Prepare yourselves. Free of guilt, far from fear, 
that’s where there is peace and in the kingdom of 
peace that you build within Self the most beautiful 
blooms of the new time grow into Heaven.

In all worlds we are the representative power of 
Oneness and of Love – and the Planet GAIA TERRA Xx27 
will now be returned to this reality.

Now and today –
In Eternity

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