25. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz 

Report: In the sauna a man pours 4 full ladles of water 
on the stove, without asking other visitors. Thereby humans 
leave the place one after the other while cursing in the 
direction of the man – I remain inside and notice that 
this man is totally untouched by this. (End of report)

Beloved Ones,
Just in short: This allegory deals with the issue, 
how the present Orion elite, which has established 
itself on earth and keeps mankind in captivity, operates.
They remain totally untouched in their actions, in their 
ruthlessness, no matter what kind of energy and what kind 
of anger is thrown back at them from human Beings. 
This condition can only be terminated whereby the elite 
is removed! This will happen on this experience level of 
mankind, the surface of the earth, all in one go and due 
to the magnetic pole reversal of the planetary energy field.

It is important to reiterate this already known fact, 
because many human Beings still and wrongly believe 
that the systems can be changed from the inside and 
will transform itself to the “good”.

This is impossible because the shackles, which the 
Orion system has put around mankind, can only be 
released by the joint effort of light forces, on this side 
and the other side of the veil. This system of society will 
be changed by eliminating it and not step by step with 
good ideas and light filled thoughts of human Beings, 
necessitating a change. If this were possible, 
it already would have happened!

A sewer remains a stinky place, until it is entirely 
dug out and removed in its whole depth! Only after 
that one can use this place for a different purpose.

Meaning, and that is why this message is given:
Do not allow to be deceived. Politicians and leaders 
of revolution are in and come into power, sometimes 
for a short time, promising change, but their hearts 
are true murder pits.

Trust yourself.
Trust your intuition and your inner knowledge.

This message is for all human Beings who prepare 
to remain on the “Supra-Planet”. And for that it is 
necessary to look through this Orion game. 

Knowledge paves the way to freedom and brings new 
knowledge, whereas ignorance and the denial of truth 
do not give wings to anybody. 

I am who I am

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