11. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

It seems that unbelievable amounts of energies of fear are
being discharged. I see this in the streets and in the faces
of people; I also recognize it as I receive letters from readers.
The complete upheaval on this level of Being is happening and
all human Beings – no matter on which level – unconsciously s
eem to forebode this. 

SANANDA: Good evening beloved Jahn, good evening beloved
Ones, you, who will participate in the greatest spectacle, which
this world has ever seen. This knowledge is stored in the cellular
consciousness of every human Being. Even if a human Being is
not conscious of this, however inside himself he carries the imprint
of this timeline and the imprint of all events, which happen on this
level. Now the time has come. The forerunners have landed,
they are:
a.) The magnetic pole reversals on different 4D levels
have been completed or are ongoing.
arrived on earth and is in position.

For the upcoming time it signifies even more discharges
of collective fear patterns of human Beings, because until today
individuals were still able to hide unreleased issues somewhere
in their Being, even though invisible.
From now on this is impossible. The cosmic spiritual inflow of
Light is such, that for each human Being, who is not prepared
for this, the ground under their feet is being pulled away, before
he finds himself on the level, which he has chosen for himself.
And in these days you experience this fact in the streets of the
city, as for many humans the “ground under their feet” is pulled
away; and your observations are extremely accurate.

JJK: We already know, that the pole reversal on our timeline,
which is just a tad removed from 5D, has been triggered.
Which means that the final discharges are very, very close. 

SANANDA: Yes, very close! The disbelievers will now be confronted
with their disbelief, the fearful ones with their fear, the hateful ones
with their own hate. A chain reaction of darkness before it will be l
ight and before you have arrived in the Light.
Large parts of Mankind deny the Heaven, deny God,
and deny its own ancestry. A sober picture indeed which
presents itself. On the other hand we have never held it
possible that the light warriors of the first and last hours shine so
brightly. This is an occasion for extreme joy in all of Creation.
The path of recognition on this level has truly been completed
for these human Beings and these sacred Ones have truly
acquired Heaven.

JJK: Which means, that the chasm between the ascending
ones and the “descending” ones gets wider day-by-day and
that this has energetic consequences.

SANANDA: Exactly. We still need to cross this field of tension.
After that all Masters will have arrived in the Light, the last fogs
will have been walked through and all Masters will have entered
the otherworld.

JJK: The otherworld of the “Aghartar”?

SANANDA: Yes, but not only. There are many other worlds.
The Aghartar will take on their important role in the near future
and will act as interim regents of this world. Look forward to this,
because the vicinity of these wonderful enlightened Beings will
motivate each of you to mile long steps in your individual enfoldment.
With ease, in peace, in understanding, with empathy, in wisdom,
with infinite patience and love will you receive everything, what
you need, in order to wake up the new world to life and to enlighten it.
This will happen after the new creation has gone through the
birth canal.
And something else: Be mindful – today more then ever – of all
energies of darkness and of Beings, who appear as “running board
drivers” of ascension. It is those human Beings, who have until now
rigidly maintained their accustomed life, and this is how you can
recognize them.
Be mindful of falling into your own still existing patterns,
possibly of small peculiarity.

Shun away from everything, which doesn’t feel right
to you, absolutely, consequently and without compromise.      

Always go into your heart and examine everything that you do,
everything you say and everything you think.
If the agreement with your all-knowing essence is missing,
check again and release this condition from your soul.
The formula for these days is: Everything that doesn’t feel
right should be strictly shunned!
With these words I bless Mankind and I bless all who arrive in
the Light. There are more and more of those and the time of
miracles, yes, this time spreads over this world like an
all-mighty and all-present divine magic. 

I am with you


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