27. Januar 2014


channeled by Jahn J Kassl
translated by Franz

The enlightenment of the world has begun, 
has reached all levels on this planet and has 
seized all human Beings!

A process, which has been mandated by the prime 
source of All-that-Is, cannot be more comprehensive, 
more perfect, greater and more exalted.
You are honored beyond all measures!

I am MAITRAYA, the cosmic Christ,
I am among you.

What does the expression “enlightenment” mean?
What to think about, what to attune to?

Enlightenment describes the transition from dense 
body into a subtle body. Thereby all levels can be effected, 
all dense levels of universal, galactic, planetary and individual 
level of Being.
There is a wonderful example in the bible describing 
Jesus’s enlightenment. This process is now close at hand 
for this planet and for you human Beings. It concerns, 
and this has to be emphasized for completeness, all those 
who have chosen this. The completed light bodies are ready 
for the light warriors and on the day, which was chosen for you, 
the miracle will be revealed. This happens after you have fulfilled 
your assignments and you have entirely completed your work on 
this Mother planet of love. This process of enlightenment, 
the transfiguration of lives, from the dense into the light, 
is now close at hand for Gaia.

While this is building and has already happened, 
the great waiting of human Beings for their ascension has begun. 
A nearly unbearable situation, which can only be mastered, 
if you follow your actual tasks day by day and not let yourself 
be distracted by any thought, that arrests you in the future. 
This is of immense importance so that you remain grounded 
and so that on the last day of your existence on this level 
nothing may surprise you. Because being arrested in the 
future means that you are also arrested in your imaginations.
And: Imaginations always obstruct the view of the Actual.

Meaning, live your life detached from these epochal facts, 
live your daily life in full consciousness, while it is possible 
and become even more conscious. Meaning, many good and 
highly talented light warriors still fail due to their unresolved 
patterns. It is well known and is a human and cosmic wisdom 
that the great ones many times may fail due to the small 
things. Therefore:

Before you are actually transfigured and enlightened, 
it is valid to be active on this earthly level of Being; 
highly concentrated, fully conscious and exalted over 
each snapshot of this time.

The snapshots of this time can be summarized as follows:
1.) The geography on this planet changes radically!
2.) The acts of malice of the dark forces take on a final 
3.) Before all of this escalates on the surface of the earth, 
you will attain enlightenment.

This brings with it that patience is required and that it 
is prudent to make good use of this time. It is understandable 
that some of you despair, because Pandora’s box seems to 
discharge endlessly. For a self-conscious light warrior it is 
absolutely mandatory to overcome despair, which in its 
original interpretation means doubt.

It is understandable that you back off from these discharges. 
For a conscious light warrior in these end times, 
it is mandatory to also overcome this condition.


It also has to be pointed out, to always anchor you deeply in 
God’s trust!
We have heard, (message from ASANA MAHATARI: 
that the destructive and criminal Orion system, whereby 
mankind is held in captivity and humans have been degraded 
to slaves of the Orion elite, will be replaced and removed.
These elites love to destroy life; they enjoy it.
This also explains to you the absolute resistance of these 
beings toward the light, which presently floods the earth.

This is mentioned here so that you may be conscious 
that the assumption, that this system is capable of change, 
is an illusion. That the great plan of this society fails is certain 
and is already well known. But that this plan absolutely fails 
on this upper 4D level is, even for the well-informed elite, unknown.
Meaning that the screws of unbearable conditions are further 
tightened – and will suddenly and abruptly find an end.
With a snap of the finger from God, you are enlightened and 
this world is history for you. Then this experience remains an 
important remembrance, for which you will be received in 
All-that-Is with highest regards. It is valid to stop counting 
the days and welcome each moment, because it gives you 
the opportunity to get your affairs and your life in order, 
before you embark on this unique cosmic journey into the light.

Far from death you shall leave this level, but your old 
human nature must die. And you have to be ready if you 
want to achieve enlightenment and ascension.
Wanting ascension not out of frustration, but out of the 
inner certitude, that all your assignments have been 
fulfilled and you have done your homework.

Actually the warriors of darkness and the 
light warriors of heaven are facing each other.

And the light warriors of heaven are ready to 
perform the last and decisive interventions, 
so that the time-space-continuum of this Orion 
matrix dissolves.

I am the cosmic Christ,
The Christ Consciousness and the infinite Love.
I see you arriving on the level of happiness,
I see you entering heaven and you become more and more. 
While the last ones of you, the light warriors of the first and 
last hours, according to their assignments, move forward to 
the last act, by turning off the light on the world left behind. 
Then your work is done and your trip to heaven is finally sealed.

I see you populate your divine home.
I see that you leave what we call illusion.
I see that you come into the truth of All-that-Is,
Into the reality of all life.

The fogs lift, the time is ripe.
The dream of human limitations is now left behind!
Trust this truth.
You have awakened.

How much you are loved.


This is the Message from the Light Reading on 
December 27th, 2013 in Vienna.
The light world publishing and the author do not lead any 
correspondence whatsoever on the texts / messages published 
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